About Youth American football

Growing A Game

The Kent Phoenix Youth American Football club was born out of a desire to teach and expand the UK game. To provide the best chance for the kids of the Kent area to take part and enjoy this wonderful sport, from its grass roots in cadet flag football moving up to fully kitted football.

Who Can Play ?

The answer to this is easy EVERYONE. Boys, girls of all abilities - this is a fully inclusive sport where every one has something to give and a role to play. We have multiple teams in different age ranges and skill levels, so there is a place for every one. 

No I In Team

We pride ourselves in making sure the kids have fun, learn, improve and become part of the team. Learning to work hard for each other and together to achieve a target, be that a touchdown or a defensive stop. But most of all be there for each other when things are not going their way. Building an environment where kids can have FUN while being active.